Travel insurance is among the most crucial items that must appear in your pre-travel list. With travel insurance you will be safe from any expenses arising from an accident, travel insurance policies cover holiday disasters like cancellations, delays, accidents including your pets, travel companion, loss of personal items and expensive gadgets. It also covers any emergency medication. Injuries and illnesses are not predictable and may occur even when travelling. Notably, you may need medical attention when you are in overseas countries. Some leisure activities like jet skiing, sky diving, ATV, and winter sports may result in accidents and severe injuries. Just like the old saying “Better to be safe than sorry”.    

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Luggage Repair and Luggage for sale

One of the most important parts of travel is having the right luggage. There are numerous luggage types including different brands, sizes, weights, pockets & compartments. Most people prefer to have everything neat and clean and don’t like their clothes to get wrinkled, so having numerous compartments will help. Choose luggage that fits your needs and your strength, as it is not easy to carry heavy luggage. Also with a suitcase that weighs less, you can carry more things without exceeding the limits of airlines and save money.

Repairing the old luggage is a hectic and frenzied task, rather than buying new or updated luggage sets. Here are two companies I work with regularly in South Florida that offer both Luggage Repair and new Luggage sets for Sale:

Bagmaster Luggage Repair
18751 W Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33180
(305) 935-0327

Luggage Repair Center
3100 W 84th St Ste 1, Hialeah, FL 33018
(305) 698-9700